About The Maker

Fair Warning! I ramble a lot. But you might learn a lot about me, too.

Born and raised in the hills and valley of Northern Alabama, I grew up as a book worm that loved learning but was quite shy. With time, I grew into a young man that became an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. 

Down at the Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, I learned the mindset of sleep comes after death and that I enjoy working with my hands. Lighting the flame inside me.

While in Savannah, I meet a mentor that took me on as an apprentice  in the art of knife making. After several years of learning and expanding my own skills, I decided to move away to my current home in the Pacific Northwest. Here I hope to build Peachsmith into a story that others can learn from.

My passion lies in metal working! I enjoy working in all types of metal. Though I have worked with steel on larger pieces, I have found my dreams have taken form in smaller pieces with the limited space I have.

My goal  is to inspire conversations with my passion. You could say that this passion has developed into a madness but rest assured that I have come to control this with metal.

I find working with Titanium and Steel so enjoyable almost in a spiritual way. It is magical in how they react so differently. I hope to fuse the two energies in these metals into my creations as I also look inside to see similar energies. With this I will grow along with Peachsmith. Come grow with me.

Still Reading? Well come see some of the crazy stuff I do outside of Peachsmith
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