Chimera Ram Hatchling #5
  • Chimera Ram Hatchling #5

    Featuring more colorful resin scales, this Chimera is unique with her slashed chisel ground blade and titanium pivot. This one also comes with a leather carry case so you can ensure this beauty is save no matter where she is stored though she would be much happier in the pocket where she can be most useful.


    This is an Hatchling Ram Chimera with a 1.5 inch edge in a sheepsfoot style blade.


    The Chimera species were designed with the 3 beasts (ram, snake, and lion) of the mythical creature. This is seen in the 3 tools found in the hardened AEB-L stainless blade. With a bottle opener, pry bar/screwdriver and a razor sharp edge the Chimeras are meant to tackle anything that life can throw at you. Extremely useful around the shop or just around the house, this pocket tool will show it true colors as much more than any common pocket knife.